Airstore API


The Airstore API allows you to easily manage your storage content in the Cloud via HTTP API calls. We have create the main feature but be happy to add any of the one you like.

Get Started!#

Get your container_token

To start using the Airstore API, you need to obtain your own container_token (which is your subdomain). Using this container_token, you will be able to call the Airstore API.


  • Airstore REST API endpoint:

You are able to change your {container_token} at any time in your configuration. We advise you not to add . in your {container_token} if you plan to use HTTPS.

  • Airstore view-only "FTP-like" endpoint:

Both endpoints can be disabled/activated in your configuration depending on your needs.


You can use 4 ways to authenticate yourself:

  1. No authentication. You can choose to let some APIs calls open to public, for example, for file listing.
  2. Using your Airstore Secret Key (for server-side uploads). You can generate as many Secret Key as you need. These secret keys might be passed using the X-Airstore-Secret-Key: xxx HTTP header, or the ?secret_key=xxx URL parameter.
  3. Using a one-time Upload Key (for client-side uploads). This allow client-side (browser) uploads without exposing your Secret Key. (Conctact Us for more information)
  4. Personalised server-defined method: In that case, at each upload, we'll send you the parameters of the client request (IP, browser, any other keys you might have defined...). You'll allow or refuse the upload, and we'll follow your server response. Using that you can implement your own complex logic. (Conctact Us for more information)