Search files

REST API to search files#

GET /v1/file/{uuid}/meta

This API let you search in all the files of your container. Various parameters are available, they are listed below. You can search with filenames of course (including using wildcards), you can search using your own tags, and you can order the result as you wish.

Feel free to email us to ask for more parameters. We're definitely opened in adding as much parameters as you need.

API Demo#

host: "" path: "/v1/search" parameters: filename: "*paris*" dirname: "*" limit: 10 order: "filename,desc" theme: clouds-midnight editor_theme: clouds_midnight method: GET


You can add as many filters as you need, a AND operator is automatically added between filters.

filenameThe filename you're looking for. You can use the wildcard to search everything.&filename=foo
dirnameThe dir pattern where you want to search the files You can use the wildcard to search everything.&dirname=/path*
tag[key]The exact value or the tag&tag[main_color]=blue
limitThe maximum limit of file sent (max. 20 000) -- ask us if you need more.&limit=10000
orderSort the result, availables values are filename (default), updated_at, created_at. You can append ,desc or ,asc to specify the order.ℴ=filename,desc

API Response#

The response is the same as the /v1/list API, so it's easy to


    "files": [
            "uuid": "aa33cd65-e037-57d9-abe5-f0909ecb7ace",
            "name": "birds2.jpg",
            "created_at": "2017-02-08T17:29:45Z",
            "modified_at": "2017-02-08T17:29:45Z",
            "type": "text/jpeg",
            "size": 286,
            "meta": {},
            "properties": {},
            "url_permalink": "",
            "url_public": "",
            "parent_dir": "/test/15"