What is ?# is a cross-regions, replicated, and reliable file system and storage API. was made to be highly reliable and was developed on 5 different cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Azure, + our own infrastructure).

Introduction# stores your files in the cloud and gives you all the tools to manage your storage content easily. Whether you need to store images, PDFs or any other downloadable resource, will keep your data safe and provide you with beautiful HTTP/HTTPS links to publish them on your web or mobile app. is made of 2 made layers :

  • a Filesystem Layer you can easily list, search, and tag files with
  • a Cross-Regions Replicated Storage Layer that will synchronise your files in several datacenters in the world. can be integrated with our image processing and CDN delivery tool: to combine cost-effective permanent storage and rocket-fast image processing and delivery.

What can I do with

We want you to focus your time on building value for your customers rather than tools to support your app. We take the storage burden off your shoulders! Few use cases for

  • upload files with a simple REST API
  • upload files from browser using a JS plugin (airstoreJS)
  • read/download file using API (private or public)
  • publish files on your web or mobile app via Content Delivery Network
  • powerful file listing and search options in various developer-friendly formats
  • tag files for instant categorisation
  • delete files with with a REST API (one file or a million, it does not matter :) )

Think of as your super easy-to-use redundant storage solution sitting behind your web or mobile app.

About the architecture

Files are uploaded using our beautiful AirstoreJS uploader or a simple REST API and replicated in 3 datacenters across Europe (3 DCs), US (2 DCs), Asia (2 DCs), and Australia. In each datacenter (DC), files are replicated 3 times, same as in AWS S3 or SWIFT (that's common in storage :)). can additionally be integrated with your own AWS S3 to keep a copy of your files in a storage service you might be more familiar with, while benefiting from our powerful content management functionalities and cost-effective transfer pricing.

Define your custom workflows#

We are constantly expanding's solution set and one of the areas we are focusing on is Custom Workflows. We bet you will want this:

  • webhooks: call for example a Yell API or some script after upload, or after 1000 downloads, or anything... It can be a call to an explicit filter to scan your pictures for specific content and tag them automatically.
  • file processing: zip a file transparently during upload which will be automatically unzipped at download. Not more struggle with huge log files.
  • media processing: resize/crop images your images on the fly, optimise video delivery using adaptive streaming.